DotA v6.72f AI

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» Жанр: AoS
» Число игроков: 1
» Версия Warcraft: 1.26a
» Защита: Есть
Версия популярной карты DotA Allstars 6.72f с ботами.


» AI v.1.2
Fixed: Windrunner group lost bug removed.
Fixed: Some minor tweak in aiming func.
Fixed: Human KotL auto-using Recall.
Fixed: Delay bug in AIAttackedByHumanHero
Added storing of learn and use skills by heroes.
Fixed: Magnus' not using Reverse.
Fixed: Magnus' itembuild.
Applied range check to Sprout (Furion's) and Shackle (Rhasta, plus disable check). Now both won't use the spell against enemy out of range -> no rambo mode, no missed Sprout.
Tauren now use ability to join with idle spirit.
Fixed: KotL Illuminate, added extra use.
Improved AI: usage of SandKing's Burrowstrike and Epi-Blink.
Little improvement on Shadowfiend's Shadow Raze
Undid all fake abilities, changing base order instead. (Troll's Ranged Whirling Axe, Batrider's Firebreak, Phoenix' Sun Ray)
Fixed: Akasha not using ulti.
Fixed: incorrect SunRay order.
Fixed: Lone Druid not using Rabid and some bug in Battlecry usage.
Fixed: problems in channel-based skills.
Fixed: some bugs related to skill learning, esp. Huskar.
Meld should not decrease building's armor anymore.
Fair aggro attempt. Orb attack do not count as attack.
Fixed: Leshrac's AI (now use Edict and Nova properly)
Applied the "free mode" to AI's scroll of town portal (supposedly decrease tp-cancel probability).
AI Assault Cuirass Recipe fix: 1500 -> 1300
» AI v.1.1
Fixed: Spectre's Reality auto-usage on nearest low hp enemy when Haunt is casted.
Fixed: Player gets extra ability when swaping any hero with Troll AI ( Range Axe ). Same goes to Batrider ( 2nd skill ).
Fixed: dupe item bug in Circle of Power area.
Fixed: Respawn doesnt work when killed while under ult of Pandaren Brewmaster ( Primal Spirits ).
Fixed: Io's Overcharge didn`t work.
Fixed: Naga Siren's ult didn`t work.
Fixed: Furion AI ult didn`t work properly.
Fixed: Courier flying bug.
Fixed Shadow Poison, Earthsplitter, Pounce, and Song of Siren's usage condition.
Improved AI: Geomancer (Poof spamming and Earthbind), KotL (increased Blinding Light offset loc).
Fixed AI item bug on carrying aegis.
Fixed AI orb abilities and Splitshot usage.
Fixed bug on DE/DG
Fixed bug on AI trying to Roshan/gank after game ends.
Changed -sh AI naming (now using colors instead of unit name)
Attempt to fix player leaving on 0:00
Invoker skills build change. New levels are:
Quas: 4 14 15 16 18 20 21
Wex: 6 10 19 22 23 24 25
Added new "fake" ability 'CF03' (Phoenix' Sun Ray)
Fixed heroes AI : Silencer (Curse of Silence), Lich (Frost Armor), Venomancer (Ward), Chen (Holy Persuation), Soul Keeper (was using Reflection on allies), Naga Siren (Song of the Siren bug fixed, condition reworked), Tauren (Earthsplitter improved), Shadow Demon (Shadow Poison?)
Improved hero AI: Phoenix (Sun Ray)
Fixed AI gold bug. Set -ng gold bonus into 0.
Attempting to fix Axe's bug.
Fixed AI behavior against Divine Rapier.
Increased range check for Stasis Ward and Earthsplit dodge.
Improved heroes AI: Disruptor (all skills), Ancient Appariton (Ice Blast condition and aiming), Gyro (Call-Down condition)
Fixed AI behaviour toward gems.
Added message on AI returning Divine Rapier to owner's circle.
Fixed Phoenix' Fire Spirit slowing.
Fixed Juggernaut's using Blade Fury while Omnislashing.
Attempted to fix AI indecisive laning and base-stuck bug.
Changed Rubick's itembuild
Fixed AI Charge of Darkness, improved usage.
Fixed Axe's berserker's call bug
Fixed -dummy bug
Io and Meepo Item Builds fixed.
» AI v.1.0
  1. -cm (Captains Mode) ported and ENABLED.
  2. AI will ban/pick along with humans in -cm mode.
  3. Hero class system. Now AI choose heroes more strategically
  4. All heroes now have complete AI.
  5. Added gank system. aiWarBalance system now implemented
  6. New AI auto-lane balance
  7. New AI auto-Roshan system.
  8. Added AI message system. Disable with command -aimsg during the game.
  9. Added AI report-missing heroes system. Disable with command -aimsgmiss during the game.
  10. Completely rewritten defense system, lvl. 1&2 tower defense system.
  11. Improved AI assist system, now allows AI across the map to assist allies in battle.
  12. AI now using Glyph of Fortification. If a human leader is present, AI will remind humans instead. Enable/disable auto-glyph by allies with the command -aiglyph during the game.
  13. Added AI Board to show what AI is doing. Disable/enable using -aiboard.
  14. Rebalanced -dynamicexp and -dynamicgold.
  • AI now gets 25% bonus exp/2 gold rate per death, and loses 50% of the bonus on kill (25% on assist).
  • AI will automatically get a death bonus if he has no death/kill/assist in 3 minutes (starting at 5 mins mark).
  • -DE/-DG is now compatible with any exp/gold mode.
  • AI bonus exp/gold in multiboard are now toggle-able by -aidynamic.
  1. New "mode-pack":
-beginnermode (-bm) = -neng
-advancedmode (-am) = -nengdedg
-xtrememode (-xm) = -hehgdedg
  1. Changed AI naming rule, now using HeroProperName instead. -> shorter name, better view on multiboard.
  2. Fixed Kaldr's not recognizing IceBlast order (852662) when there are other heroes with same order. IceBlast hack removed.
  3. Flack Cannon rewritten again.
  4. Nevermore Requiem of Souls fix for Human and AI players.
  5. Some corrections to Walrus Punch
  6. Fixes to Gondar`s WindWalk.
  7. Gondar`s Jinada rewritten.
  • Fixed Gondar's Jinada not working properly if the cooldown is finished in the middle of WW.
  • Fixed Gondar's Jinada not working properly if the cooldown is finished in the middle of an attack.
  1. Added some names in -coolnames list.
  2. -cgl and -cgr now forces the AI to change lane (no "too far")
  3. Tweaked Familiar AI: worked since being summoned, won't target anything other than hero and jungle creeps to save the 7-hit hero-damage bonus, stun is managed between the two familiars, tweaked the summoning requirement (summon when both are dead or both are in stone form)
  4. Tweaked Yurnero's Healing Ward, its AI now only a single line without trigger, it'll consistently follow the hero.
  5. Tweaked Familiars' responses near tower.
  6. Minor fix to Krobelus' Exorcism
  7. Fixed: Pandaren's Earth Panda not running away on Pandaren's low health
  8. Fixed AI Hero inconsistencies when running away on low health.
  9. Fixed: Rubick's spellsteal stealing AI's town portal.
  10. Fixed: several AI doesn't learn attribute bonus: Visage, Dirge, KotL, Phoenix, etc.
  11. Added AI specific timer for gem.
  12. NEW AI: Rubick
  13. Now gem costs gold (700).
  14. Sentry now has gold check (200), but doesn't actually cost gold on buy. IMHO, at the very least, AI don't get raped by invisible heroes.
  15. -cgm/l/r tweak: allow change lane from faraway lane, fixed response problem.
  16. Scroll of town portal routine tweak: allow Furion to use Teleportation instead, added polar projection function (AI will teleport behind the target), added cooldown.
  17. AI no longer denies raxes and super-towers if no nearby enemy heroes present (not fully tested).
  18. -ogl/r/m tweak completed.
"Too far" heroes used teleportation to get to designated lane.
If teleportation is not available, the hero will go mid instead and a hero from mid will go to designated lane.
  1. Added -cneu (same function as -cneut)
  2. Added a filter check for channeling skills during important and key AI decisions...
  3. Complete tweaking on AI commands (incomplete test): -oa / -od / -osd / -oroshan now give per-unit response, allow channeling heroes to accept commands, cosmetic tweak on responses, enabling "0" to be typed on AI command to represent player 10, enabling -ob / -of to be used without parameter (represent all allies), allow -ot to use "a" (or "x") as allied player ID to represent the whole team.
  4. Fixed problems with Nature Attendants and Scarabs. Nature Attendants' animation fixed
  5. Bugfix on Krobelus' Exorcism function (was a possibility to trigger overtrigger)
  6. Item CACHE system completed.
  7. Item cache system tweak: added condition to force AI to take the cached items once: 1) 3 items are in cache, or 2) total items cached cost >2000
  8. AI Buy routine tweak:
  • put a check to prevent AI from dropping "free" RoR or Salve
  • added gem/ward buying announcement
  • limited the ward charges, now AI will only buy when remaining charges is less than 2.
  1. Fixed (?): AI Buy routine bug, sometimes item doesn't add properly.
  2. Fixed: AI TP doesn't cooldown properly.
  3. Fixed: AI movement go back and forth if fail to go back to base (e.g. fail to teleport)
  4. Return AI's Boot of Speed on TP failure, lower CD by 3 sec, added mana check
  5. Added tango and sentry ward as substitutable items for TP, remodelled the function to allow easier substitute.
  6. Tweaked the item caching, now completely support Syllabear.
  7. DEPRECATED the AI buyback code, now simulating a true buyback (with cooldown).
  8. Reverted all Kaldr's IceBlast hack. (and replaced them with a more "hacking" hack for the Blast to trigger ). Now Kaldr use proper Ice Blast.
  9. Added additional effects to mark AoE of IceBlast, visible to allies only, as in Dota 2.
  10. Changes to SunStrike and IceBlast Aiming.
  11. A little tweak to Invoker`s GhostWalk breaking.
  12. New defense system with improved calculation (for debugging purpose we can still see the AI's defending response)
  13. New hero choosing system (class system implemented: Str Tanker / Str-Agi Battle / Agi DPS / Int Support / Int Nuke. AI will choose 1 from each class, including humans' heroes in the calculation)
  14. Fixed AI's item bug when AI died before the whole item routine completed.
  15. Fixed AI's hero spawn position.
  16. Modified the AI -repick (now using IF's code)
  17. Projectile aiming rewritten.
  18. Added "report missed hero" system. (current delay to report: 30 sec)
  19. Tweaked AI ChangeLane algorithm (incomplete), now AI should change lane when not visible and from a better point.
  20. Fixed Pit Lord's Rain of Fire only calling 1 wave.
  21. Removed all AI movement on start of game (now AI stay still in their creation point, to mimic humans)
  22. -airepick now based on hero class unless 20 tries are unable to find hero of same class.
  23. Removed Player ID from -cn
  24. MeatHook dodge changed. No -ld in it, but reaction time 0.2s.
  25. Impale dodge changed. (?)
  26. Added aiAbilities system, which is a predefined integers saved in hashtable for use with abilities cooldown, manacost, range, and AoE
  27. Tweaked movement in AI defense, movement on AI encounter with stronger force.
  28. Added new eyecandy on AI commands.
  29. Added command:
-aimsg = toggle on/off the AI messaging system
-aimsgmiss = toggle on/off the AI report missing system
  1. Removed debug AI message for defense system
  2. Automatically disables AI report missing system after all enemy heroes reached lv11
  3. Added teleport function to defend lv2 towers.
  4. Minor tweak on AI command -ct and -cg.
  5. Tweaked AI teleporting on tower defense, AI gank system.
  6. Fixed recent bug on -ct response.
  7. Fixed problems with Exorcism and Attendants (again, but now working better).
  8. Fixed problems with human war-balance register.
  9. Fixed item build for Sacred Warrior, Axe, Shadow Fiend.
  10. Note about AI itembuild error:
  • AI will sometimes store some items in memory (called "buffered items"), to make room for any added new items. After the routines, most of the times the items are returned.
  • Up till now, these items are the one creating error messages for Huskar, Axe, and Nevermore, as these heroes have buggy build which doesn't allow the buffered items to return (full inventory).
  • The current error report will show which items are on error: CORE or BUFFER. BUFFER error is and will be handled by selling the items. However, BUFFER error MUST not disturb AI normal build.
  1. Added AI Board feature, allowing to see what an AI is doing. Turn on/off with -aiboard.
  2. Major tweak to defense system.
  3. Increased AI support on attacked heroes, now working globally (use TP/travel, Teleportation, and Haunt-Reality)
  4. Known problem: missing AI (suspected from failed custom revive. Currently disabled.)
  5. Known problem: AI defense not ended for longer time than expected.
  6. Disabled AI Creep Deny in presence of enemy tower.
  7. Disabled AI for Rexxar's Hawk until better AI is developed (reason: it's a free gold....)
  8. Tweaked AI changing lane system to use ganking waypoints, nothing actually differs. However, this is a requirement for....
  • Added "gank cancel" routine on contact with stronger force.
  1. AI now uses Glyph of Fortification.
  2. Fixed melee AI still lasthitting in presence of tower, added better calculation.
  3. Minor tweak to AI pings, now resembles humans'.
  4. Tweak to function GetUnitEHP, now using better calculation.
  5. Fixed several miscalculated arrays to conform RGB's and several tweaks.
  6. Fixed AI using targetted items on creep.
  7. Minor tweak on gank (increases allies' support).
  8. Minor tweak on AI behaviour and AI assisting.
  9. Full support for cooldown system and ability data, including Aghanim's skills and "growing skills" like Krobelus' and Magi's.
  10. Major tweak on item system. Now itembuild should not have problem anymore.
  11. Added -aiglyph (toggle the AI autoglyph. Will remind players instead if turned off and glyph is required on a faction with AI)
  12. Fixed AI Actions board from colliding with -ii
  13. Fixed disconnecting bug on multiplayer.
  14. Fixed AI not going solo.
  15. Rewrote lvl 1 and lvl 2 tower defense mech.
  16. Fixed defense mech and ganking mech on observer mode.
  17. Added auto-lane distribution system.
  18. Minor tweak to Luna's AI.
  19. Ported -de/-dg
  • adjusted AI exp and gold bonus to 6.71b
  • modified -dg bonus gold to be given partially along with normal gold income
  • modified -de/-dg display in multiboard (now displayed in "AI Actions" column if AI board is enabled (-aiboard) and -aishowde/-aishowdg/-aishowdedg/-aishowdynamic is used. It`s available in observer mode by default.
  • added color theme to -de/-dg display.
  1. Changed Pudge's itembuild.
  2. Fixed AI keep "pausing" when owning Magic Wand and is not in full life.
  3. Several minor tweaks on AI behaviour... too many to log.
  4. Fixed bug on itembuy system where a hero's build cannot continue and is continuously patrolling to base.
Note: some problems with itembuild still exist to fix later.
  1. Fixed bug on gank cancel, gank change target.
  2. Fixed AI for Naga Siren and Terrorblade. Added refresher's script to Warlock.
  3. Fixed major bug which prevent AI's auto-lane balance from working.
  4. Fixed minor bug with changing lane from near base.
  5. Fixed major (but rare) bug with ganking.
  6. Fixed AI strange behavior caused by Wand. Allowed AI to use Stick on same logic.
  7. Added AI message on retreat and jungling.
  8. Added -am (advancedmode) and -bm (beginnermode), representing NENG and HEHGDEDG respectively.
  9. Added AI command "citemfix <ID>" to fix an AI unexpected broken item build. (not yet ready... just for future Rev use)
  10. Fixing several itembuilds (not finished yet)
  11. Minor tweak to laning system.
  12. Added Spellsteal AI (imperfect, but is nice enough for now).
  13. Modified Rubick's itembuild to use skadi instead of aghanim.
  14. Fixed hero AI for the following:
  • Rooftellen (leech seed)
  • Magnus (skewer)
  • Alchemist (unstable concoction)
  • Jah'rakal (most of his AI)
  1. Improved hero AI for the following:
  • Rubick (enable delayed spellsteal)
  • CM (animation cancel for all spells)
  • Terrorblade (changed skillbuild)
  1. Lowered defense threshold for low-level towers.
  2. Fixed various bugs in tower defense and tank system.
  3. Added special column for DE/DG board.
  4. Minor tweak to various hero AI.
  5. Fixed the following heroes' AI:
  • Magnus (Reverse Polarity, skill build)
  • Slardar (Slithereen Crush)
  1. NEW AI: Storm Spirit (everything + AI skill fix)
  2. Improved the following heroes' AI:
  • Troll Warlord (now using ranged as base form)
  1. Fixed bug on multi-triggered Storm's Overload.
  2. Fixed several bugs in laning and teleporting.
  3. ADDDED NEW SYSTEM to chase enemy in fog even better.
  4. Fixed major bug on laning system
  5. Improved the following AI:
  • Slithereen Guard (early Amplify)
  • Magnus (working Reverse)
  1. Fixed the following AI:
  • Dirge (complete overwrite)
  • Terrorblade (better Sunder, not perfect yet)
  1. NEW AI: Admiral (didn't have AI before)
  2. Fixed the following AI:
  • Undying (skillbuild & spell usage)
  • Soul Keeper (far better Sunder use)
  • Pit Lord (Rain of Fire should not cancel anymore)
  • Slithereen Guard (better use of Amplify)
  1. Nightcrawler (Pounce AI).
  2. Fixed AI for following:
  • Terrorblade (Sunder condition)
  • Admiral (Ship use, X-Torrent combo, spamming Tidebringer)
  • Dirge (fixed using Decay on allies)
  1. Fixed bug on AI wrong "war mode"
  2. Fixed bug on enemy AI message occasionally appeared.
  3. Major fix on AI item system.
  4. NEW heroes AI:
  • Alleria (new)
  • Clockwerk (new)
  1. Fixed Kunkka`s ship usage.
  2. Fixed bug in item system regarding quelling blade on melee-ranged hybrid heroes.
  3. Fixed bug + improved assist system + Various minor all around tweaks
  4. Fixed the heroes AI:
  • Clockwerk (added extra mana and warbalance condition to Cog)
  1. Fixed bug on Tp from air system.
  • Improved the following heroes AI:
  1. Techies (better mine usage and battle mode).
  2. Tauren skills (tweaked)
  3. Clockwerk (can break free from cog).
  4. Nerfed the following hero AI:
  • Windrunner (now cannot aim shackle on invisible heroes)
  1. Fixed bug in AI doesn't destroy gem properly. Divine Rapier is now actually destroyed instead of script removal + many minor tweaks.
  2. NEW AI for the following:
  • Gyrocopter (new)
  • Shadow Demon (new)
  • Batrider (new)
  • Guardian Wisp (new)
  1. Fixed AI for the following:
  • Ancient Appariton (Ice Blast)
  • Techies (better mine usage)
  1. Fixed bug of heroes unable to last-hit/deny.
  2. Fixed bug of AI trying to bypass towers and get patrolling instead.
  3. AI can now pick Gem (tested) and Divine Rapier (not tested).
  4. abilitydata.slk 2 new custom abilities fixing impossible AI skill usage:
  • CF01 (Troll Warlord Ranged Whirling Axes)
  • CF02 (Batrider Firebreak)
  1. AI can now Roshaning and picking Aegis correctly. Cheese will be destroyed if not picked.
  2. Divine Rapier can now be destroyed properly by AI.
  3. Fixed bug with Overpower.
  4. Fixed Lanaya not using Refraction.
  5. Improved AI for the following:
  • Techies (no mine in forest/runespoot)
  • Gyro (no longer spamming Call Down)
  1. Attempted to fix AI sentry ward glitch + Minor tweaks in various parts.
  2. Fixed AI for the following:
  • Naix Infest
  • Naga - Ensnare, Song of Siren, Critical Strike replaced with Rip Tide
  • Chen`s Holy Persuasion new id
  • Pit Lord - Firestorm
  • Troll - Blind replaced with Whirling Axe
  • Ursa Warrior - Overpower new abID
  • Requiem of Souls: A29J
  • Slithereen Crush: A29K
  • Reverse Polarity: A29L
  • Beastmaster got Agha upgrade + new abilityid
  • Dark Seer Wall of Replica Agha upgrade
  • Pit Lord - Expulsion
  • Terrorblade - Meta morphosis , new passive (new skills build)
  • Tidehunter - Anchor Smash reworked
  • Thundergod's Wrath: A29G
  • Thundergod's Wrath Aghanim: A29H
  • Ravage: A29I
No problem skills:
  • Spirit Breaker - CoD
  • Phoenix - birds
  1. Improved the following AI:
  • Techies (fixing mine position in top-left and bottom-right corner, fixing lane-disruption)
  • Tidehunter (using Anchor for creeping)
  • Ancient Appariton (IceBlast)
  • Gyrocopter (Call Down)
  • Zeus (Thundergod's) is now used to prioritize low-life target
  • Phantom Assassin (now can Phantom Strike further target on escape)
  • Guardian Wisp (Tether on escape)
  • Faerie Dragon (Phase Shift is now script controlled)
  • Batrider (Firebreak now will be used eventhough the direct hit is not achievable)
  • Batrider, Windrunner, Priestess (using Pudge's side-dance, are not guaranteed to work)
  • Priestess, Pudge (using Sebra's aiming func for arrow/hook)
  1. Fixed the following AI:
  • Prophet (now should use Wrath, prioritizing low-life hero)
  • Sand King (now using Sand Storm properly)
  • Shadow Demon (Shadow Poison)
  1. Rubick (Spellsteal no longer intercept EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT)
  2. Keeper of the Light (major rewrite)
  3. Fixed Techies remote mine not detonating, allowed 2 remote to detonate against creeps.
  4. Force-fixed the spell-against-dead bug.
  5. Tweaked -DE -DG, now heroes without kill/death/assist will automatically get bonus in 3 mins.
  6. Attempt to fix AI laning bug by rewriting priority timer.
  7. Attempt to fix AI casting spells on dead units.
  8. Tweaked exp/gold gamemodes
  9. DE/DG now compatible with HE/HG/NE/NG
  10. Added new modes:
-bm (beginner mode) for neng
-am (advanced mode) for nengdedg
-xm (xtreme mode) for hehgdedg
  1. Tweaked the DE/DG number.
  2. DE/DG is disabled by default.
  3. Added support for NT/NM/NB for laning system.
  4. Added bug-fix addition to AI Board of dead heroes counted as alive.
  5. Removed AI Bad Hero filter. (PBMN> may be added in later Rev for filtering the really bad AIs)
  6. Various and countless tweaks in AI behavior which didn`t get logged in the coding process.

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Tornak #51 - 11 years ago 0
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Dotafss, мож у когото инета нет.Я например пару лет назад качал по паре новых карт, учил мкиллы дотовские, тестил героев.
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ErickSkrauch #53 - 11 years ago (изм. ) 0
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Уже давно вышла 6.69 AI plus Rev2!
ссылочку на скачивание, ок? - reALien
FYAN #54 - 11 years ago 0
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53 пост ложь.
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53 пост не ложь. Тортик тоже
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xcas #58 - 10 years ago 0
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К слову о ботах:
У вертолетика (Gyrocopter) есть очень хороший стан, но вот он его кидает в основном на крипов. Это печально даже когда играеш против него=)
Ждем новую версию...
FYAN #59 - 10 years ago 0
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Мда боты туповаты, ну сойдет сыграть тем кто без инета.
не знаю в какую версию вы там играли, но вот в последних версиях с ИИ очень даже неплохо поиграть
тупым обозвать не могу!
Барин #60 - 10 years ago -2
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Феникс - самый мощный герой против ботов.) Они даже не пытаются увернуться от Sun Ray.))
Feast Keny #61 - 10 years ago 0
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Не прав! Инвокер самый-самый =) ИМБА!!!!!
DimonKDF #62 - 10 years ago 0
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обновите пожалуйста до 6.71б
Brase #63 - 10 years ago 0
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Да, инвокер, слардар, скелет это ппц, а если без ne/ng играть...
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Bornikkeny #65 - 10 years ago 0
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Жаль что ИИ жульничают ='(
Slavik777 #66 - 10 years ago 0
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Что-то уже полтора года никто ничего не пишет. Сейчас уже новая версия 6.72f есть, но создатели ботов слишком долго молчат т. к. уже есть 6.74с, но до сих пор создатели искусственного интеллекта ничего нового не выпустили. Но мне очень нравится эта новая версия, там боты играют не хуже средних людей. Боты с модом -neng играют примерно как средне-слабый человек, но если без -neng (то есть будут получать больше золота и опыта) то будут играть как средне-сильный человек, но не сказать, что боты будут прям такими профи. В общем попробуйте поиграть с ботами 5х5 с модом -ar, или хотя бы -sd (без -neng). После этой битвы вы поймёте, что создатели ботов очень хорошо потрудились над ними. Я сам играл с ботами года 2 пока не было интернета, потом пришёл в гарену, сразу выйграл, было больше всего киллов, крипов и меньше всего смертей (играл Slardar'ом). Если вам кто-то скажет: "Играй с ботами!" не обижайтесь, т.к. не всегда везёт, могут быть плохие матчи, да и боты его самого завалят! В общем тренеруйтесь на ботах, на них тренировались многие чемпионы DotA.
Slavik777 #67 - 9 years ago 0
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Версия 6.74c с ботами вышла, пожалуйста разместите её тут.
Да, кстати, там боты теперь могут после основы брать случайные рецепты! Это же круто! Стали почти как люди! И новыми героями нормально научились играть.
Кому как, а мне дота уже надоела. Серьёзно. Когда начал играть - был жуткий восторг "Оо! Вот это да! Как это IceFrog сделал? Круто!". Потом, когда начал хорошо разбираться, нашёл тактику для любимых персонажей, понял, что хочется чего-то поновее. Скачал новую версию. Потом ещё, более новую. А в них - всё то же. Она просто НАДОЕЛА.
Но я не могу не отметить всё её важность для Варкрафт сообщества : крутым мапмейкерам задана планка качества, для менее крутых она поддерживает интерес к варику и, как следствие, к новым картам. Ведь в Эпохе Империи тоже был хороший редактор, но её никто не помнит, т.к. там не было своей доты.
Я сам в АоМ (Age of Myrhology(эпоха мифологий)) сделал свою доту. Что для меня важно, что в неё играют.
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