Witcher MOBA

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» Тип карты: Arena
» Число игроков: 5v5
» Версия Warcraft: 1.0.1
» Защита: Не защищена
» Размеры: Yaruga
» Версия карты: 1.0.1
[COLOR=#808080]'I play chess to reveal the game secret. Blood thumps inside these chessmen. You need only listen - and you will hear. Dub-dub, dub-dub, dub-dub... A hearth pumping with life. I take a pawn - and hear flesh being rent. I win a peace - and hear screams from the depths of its bowels. I want to break them open, squeeze the truth from them.'[/COLOR]
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Hello everyone.
I am working on this project for quite a while. It's a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Map based in the famous Game of the Year - Witcher world. This map is a re-make of a geat Cataclysm AOE map made by CloudWolf who is happy with letting me to go ahead:
[QUOTE]Hey Stachu!
Sorry for the super late reply, I only log in once in a blue moon ;)
Everything I've made for WC3 is open source, so you're welcome to do as you please with this map!
(Project looks awesome btw).
  • CloudWolf[/QUOTE]
Ok, so going back to the main details. We will have two sides fighting against each other:
the Northern Kingdoms
We can choose which side to aid in battle by choosing a specific hero from the Witcher Lore (please see below). To win all we have to do is to destroy enemy base battle tent. Thanks to the newest patch unlocking map size potential I decided to go crazy with the terrain :).
All the units and some doodads are made by me and some of them are available online (PM if you are interested as I don't want to promote other websites), the rest is of course imported from Hiveworkshop resources which of course will be mentioned in game upon map completion.
[Tab=Heroes and Skills]
[Tab=Faction Units]
[Tab=Changelog][2017-11-23] Version 1.0.1 CHANGES:
Added better quality loading screen
Changed pheasant Icon to a wolf medalion during hero selection
[Tab=Credits]Original Map Design:
The Map is now officially ready to play ;).[/center]


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