Всем привет! Готова бета-версия пазла, в которой сделано 90% задуманных мной фич. Скорее всего, это последний релиз (если не будет багов).
Управление: все действия завязаны на левую кнопку мыши. На кнопках навигации написана клавиша клавиатуры и что она делает для этой страницы.

Чейнжлог со времен альфы:

  • 09.10 - 11.10: gathered feedback and held the testing session with colleagues;
  • removed the background overlay, that occured on the wrong guess;
  • implemented the 'slide into position' behaviours;
  • refactored the behaviour code for some of the UI elements.
  • refactored the cardpull generation algorythm, now there will be no duplicates on the map;
  • implemented the "horizontal shake" behaviour;
  • implemented the score update UI-element and its behaviour;
  • implemented confirmation messages and form buttons and their behaviour.
  • implemented the achievement UI-element and its behaviour;
  • game exit and grey-mode are now confirmed via the new element.
  • implemented statistics tracking with debug;
  • replaced old time script with new seconds to "hh:mm:ss" script.
  • commented in the achievement names.
  • implemented achievement tracking and display;
  • implemented the following debug tools: quick match win, display the board, achievement stats, game statistics.
  • implemented Zen and Challenge modes;
  • implemented lives element, with behaviour similar to score element;
  • fixed an issue, where score, lives and time elements would disappear in Zen and Challenge modes on new map generation;
  • outcome message in Challenge mode now depends on the final score, lives and time left;
  • menu cards now have an inside-border instead of a shadow as hover animation;
  • implemented the Mode selection screen and changed the menu logics accordingly.
  • changed highlight colour of sliders and checkboxes;
  • achievement notification moved to the bottom of the screen;
  • started the card stats element.
  • new UI graphics for big and small menu cards;
  • started reworking the big menu cards.
  • single-mode demo-version with shit functionality and half-assed gfx.
  • rolled back the UI changes;
  • started working on the unlockable modes.
  • implemented unlockable modes;
  • started working on the Achievements page.
  • implemented achievement backend logic.
  • implemented Achievement menu and pagination logic;
  • font switched to Roboto;
  • fixed achievements showing up even when they have been marked as seen in the Achievement menu;
  • fixed achievements not being saved properly;
  • increased speed of error animation on flipped cards;
  • added a reset script for stat-tracking.
  • build version is now displayed properly in every menu;
  • timebar color is now constant default orange;
  • grey-mode related achievements are now hidden;
  • achievements re-sorted on the achievements screen;
  • only visible achievements can produce sound on mouse-over.
  • fixed the system time object placement in every room;
  • version is now displayed only on the Settings screen;
  • made a simple game trailer.
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А в чём фишка игры?
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А в чём фишка игры?
нет фишек, это таймкиллер :)
геймплей: переворачиваешь 2 одинаковые карточки - они пропадают, надо очистить поле