Up 2 3 - Альфа релиз!

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Всем привет! Готова альфа-версия пазла, которую можно пощупать и послушать :)
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Чейнжлог v20171007

  • changed UI positioning and scaling code to depend on resolution, reduced calculations;
  • changed the card hover animation in-game;
  • changed the death effect for cards;
  • adjusted on-click effect for cards;
  • fixed an issue, where you could continue to remove cards and earn points, when you have already lost;
  • now when you lose all the cards are revealed;
  • implemented dropdown list element;
  • implemented checkbox element;
  • implemented language switching;
  • implemented settings menu;
  • now all the menu elements are acting properly;
  • implemented main menu;
  • implemented local time element;
  • fixed an issue, where a slider knob would not update its position according to the slider value;
  • adjusted the grid color for UI debugging;
  • adjusted positions of all the UI elements to fit the grid better;
  • adjusted the settings page layout;
  • adjusted the main menu buttons hover animation;
  • fixed the resolution scaling for all the objects;
  • adjusted the sprite on dropdown options;
  • fonts adjusted for 720p;
  • implemented animated background;
  • removed resolution and fullscreen options due to the scaling issues;
  • implemented game logo;
  • implemented sound effects and background music;
  • fixed the local time with a custom script, so that the string is displayed correctly;
  • implemented credits menu;
  • removed game window centering;
  • implemented game icon and splash-screen;
  • pushed alpha release!
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DemonoiD #1 - 2 года назад 0
Музыка зашибись. Интерфейс супер. Для массового пользователя самое то!
SageOne #2 - 2 года назад 0
DemonoiD, спасибо!