Levels and constants

Calculating project activity
At first the resources of all projects are calculated. Resource select conditions:
- Created or raised after (now - 30D);
- Publication status equals to Published;
- Category templates don't equal to Task, Question, Redirect;
- The resource is visible to all users;
- The schedule time of resource has already come;
Each resource count is multiplied by 50 and saved in the project.
The the comments are calculated. Comment select conditions:
- The comment is created after (now - 30D);
- Publication status of it' resource equals to Published;
- It's resource is visible to all users;
- The schedule time of it's resource has already come;
- The comment is visible to all users;
For each comment, its base XP multiplier is taken and the sum is calculated. The sum is added to the project.
XP multipliers:
- Regular comment: 1
- Offtop: 1
- Publication review: 25
- Work demonstration: 15
- Work order: 1
- Order fulfillment: 25
- Moderation: 0
- Warning to the publication author: 0
- Latest news!: 10
- A new version is out!: 15
- Application for participation: 10
- Accepted answer: 0