Hungry Hungry Arena v1.44

Балансный/полировочный патч, переделана квина, другие классы тоже пострадали
Самое классное измение - теперь цветной крип это гексагональная сетка которая генерится при выборе арены, что дает сразу -20 FPS, зато значительно уменьшает нагрузку когда на карте 15 квин, допустим.
» Changelog
#HHA 1.44
  • fixed orders hotkeys (Patrol, Hold, Move, Stop) not working with custom keyboard layouts
  • this is main change because i've replaced all standart move/stop hotkeys, be aware of bugs!
  • added Patrol twerking!
  • fixed -ttr command
  • Physics: All physics abilities have a cooldown only at the start of new round
  • Physics: All physics abilities now have a 50% reduction if unit is already being affected by physics
  • Physics: Increased exposion height difference (1.5m > 2m)
  • Shadows: Heroes in shadow mode have immunity for most spells
  • Heroes have Respawn and Old School abilities at all places for hiding disabled ability sake
  • DMLAVA::Shrinked no-burn radius a bit
  • DMLAVA::Buffed Lava crabs. Also now u can't command burrowed Crabs :3
  • Ghost::Lock now have additional small (0.15 s) delay for graphics. Also gfx now much faster.
  • SCV::Supply Depot
    Cooldown reduced (15s > 25s).
    Now doesnt require turning at all.
  • SCV::Drone
    • Cooldown reduced (15s > 10s).
    • Duration increased (15s > 30s).
    • Added limit of 1 drone per scv.
    • fixed a bug where Demon destroys preplaced Drone.
  • Zealot::Charge now grants protection from Queen::Broodlings bites
  • Zealot::Shock tweaked delays. Also now can push broodling at cast only.
  • HT::Storm fixed bug where storm makes roach unminimise :O Also now Hydralisk can cancel TW even under storm
  • Hydralisk::Hook now doesn't work on lava crabs.
  • Hydralisk::Spine now doesn't work on lava crabs. Also now pushes 3.5m target and 2.5m self (was 2.5m both self and target)
  • Hydralisk::Time Warp now doesnt stack. F.e. activating a TW under another TW apply ur own time and remove enemy TW
  • Roach::Dig Tunnel (First) ability moved to R (fix to the situation where u spawn as shadow and then u activate full 15s cooldown for Dig Tunnel instead of 5s)
  • Roach::Minimise duration reduced (10s>7s), transition time reduced (5s>1s), Added a collision radius for small roach, Added a Duration bar
  • Queen::Creep reworked. Speed increase nerfed to 150%. Also now Queens replace other Queen creep
  • Queen::Willpower replaced with old Posion ability,
  • Changeling::Morph fixed missile lose Changeling when he is being pushed. On-air morphing still doesnt work.

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