Hungry Hungry Arena v1.43

Выпустил апдейт,
+новая арена (DMSAND)
» Changelog
#HHA 1.43
  • Added Rightclick him for newbies. On/Off command -ttr
  • DMLAVA retextured. Added lava crabs.
  • Added DMSAND map
  • Added death screams for all classes
  • Added Patrol and Hold abilities.
  • Added antispam message
  • All hotkeys has been reset to default, ofc you can change them in options if you're not using grid layout
  • New keymap: Abilities [Q W E R ], Patrol (A). Hold (S), Pass The Orb (D), Move (F), Stop (G).
  • Tweaked killing messages system
  • SCV::Supply Depot arc reduced (360° > 90°)
  • Changeling::Take DNA duration increased (30s>60s)
  • fixed Broodlings tooltip shows on hover
  • fixed SCV::Drone blocking
  • fixed DT death model
#HHA 1.43a
  • fixes to previous update
  • incorrect -stats display
  • dmlava crabs fixes
  • zealot charge fix patrol
  • zealot shock 1 sec
  • scarabs now more visible
  • DMSAND area increased
  • fixed Zealot::Charge within Roach::Cloud
(я хз как сделать полный скриншот по клику)

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