We are always happy for new members. On our website there are rules designed to maintain a friendly atmosphere and make communication convenient.
By registering on the XGM.guru website, you agree to the Site Terms of Use.
The following is what is considered unacceptable on our website.
This list is not exhaustive, the decision on the admissibility of an act and the punishment is taken by the administration on a case-by-case basis. Also, by the decision of the administration, any resource can be found to violate the principles of the community and removed, even without directly violating the following rules.

For violation of the rules, the moderator can deprive the offender of the opportunity to write messages on the site for a while, as well as issue points of violations . A user with 15 varnas cannot write messages until the number of warnings falls below 15. Every five days since the last violation is removed one warning.

What is prohibited on XGM:

1. Incorrect messages

  • 1.1 The use of profanity in both open and veiled form. Violation of the rule in the user's nickname leads to the deletion of the account without warning.
  • 1.2.1 Illiteracy and slang in an amount that makes it impossible to understand what is written.
  • 1.2.2 Transliteration.
  • 1.3 Use of languages other than Russian and English in messages.
  • 1.4 Overuse of formatting (colored text, bold, italic, etc.), use of pseudo graphics, ASCII-art, Zalgo text.
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Incorrect posts in the comments are acceptable in blogs, unless the author of the blog complains about them.

2. Disrespectful attitude towards interlocutors

  • 2.1 Offensive language.
  • 2.2 Trolling.

3. ODM

  • 3.1 Any discussion of moderators' actions (ODM in russian) in resources, comments or blogs.
  • 3.2 Taking on the functions of a moderator.
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To report a rule violation by participants or moderators, there is a button [ ! ] in resources and comments, as well as feedback.

4. Meaningless messages

  • 4.1.1 Posting meaningless messages.
  • 4.1.2 Posting comments that do not correspond to the topic of this resource (offtopic).
  • 4.2 Raising resources in the site feed by adding a meaningless message (up).
  • 4.3 Repeated leaving comments in resources in which there were no new messages for more than 3 months (archeology).
  • 4.4 Discuss political or religious topics outside of personal blogs.

5. Advertisements and invalid links

  • 5.1 Ads, links to your own sites, friend sites, etc.
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It is allowed to give a link to the project website and / or its page in social. networks. It can be placed in the description of the project or on its title page if the project is above level 3 (for gamedev - level 2.)
It is allowed to give direct links to materials from any sites related to the topic of discussion.
  • 5.2 Link to materials that require registration to view.
» remark
It is recommended to fully cite the text from the link, indicating the link as a source.
  • 5.3 Uninformative links; links that are not related to the topic of discussion.
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Links like “search something on that site” are allowed only for well-known sites (such as google.com or wikipedia.org), and it is advisable to indicate possible keywords.

6. Inadmissible profile information

  • The user profile is subject to the same restrictions as resources and comments.

7. Access abuse

  • 7.1 Registration of two or more accounts. If you forgot your password follow this link.
  • 7.2 Transferring access to your account to other people, animals, cyborgs or baked goods.

8. Incorrect image placement

  • 8.1 Placement in project resources or blog posts of images attached through third-party hosting, except for cases where images are not uploaded to the site. (Does not apply to comments.)
» remark
If you insert an image attached through third-party hosting, then it is desirable that this hosting is officially supported by the txt2 markup.
  • 8.2 Use of huge-resolution pictures in the text.
» remark
To avoid this, post them as simple links or use galleries (you can read more about using images in text in txt2 article).

9. Rating abuse

  • Exposing several positive or negative ratings in a row to comments or resources of the user, caused by personal attitude towards him, and not by the content of resources and comments.
» remark
Yes, we can track if you put minuses or pluses on any user comments you can find. Grades can be canceled. In case of abuse, the user may be deprived of the right to advertise quality for some time.

10. Incorrect use of the Q/A module

  • 10.1 Placing several questions in one resource.
  • 10.2 Creation a resource without question.
  • 10.3 Creation of a question, the answer to which is in the base of articles.
  • 10.4 Creation of a resource, the name of which does not reflect the essence of the question.
  • 10.5 Re-creating the question.

11. Failure to comply with the rules for processing resources

  • 11.1 The resource must be directly related to the project in which it is created
  • 11.2 A brief description of the resource should contain only general information about the content of the resource
  • 11.3 The administration of the project has the right to put forward additional requirements for the design of the resource and the quality of the content declared for publication in this project (a list of such requirements is usually available on the main page or in the project menu).
  • 11.4 Having received a refusal to publish, you cannot send an application repeatedly and repeatedly without fulfilling the conditions of the moderator. This is fraught with the removal of the resource, a remark or a ban.

Appealing actions of moderators

If you do not understand what exactly the warning or remark was issued for, ask the Administraion for details. If you disagree with the actions of the moderator or cannot get an explanation from him, send a message through the feedback form. When writing messages to moderators, please refrain from threats and insults.

Rules may be added or changed without prior notice

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